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Working Effectively in Accounting and Finance (AAT Level 2)

Can anyone help with me this question

Topic: AAT Level 2 - Working Effectively in Accounting and Finance

Below are the sales figures for the first 6 months of Bradley Wiggins Limited (round answers to 2 decimal places)

Month Sales - (pounds)
Month 1 456,123
Month 2 459, 578
Month 3 461,591
Month 4 465,837
Month 5 468,149
Month 6 472,298

a) What are the total sales for the first 3 months? 137,7592
b) What is the percentage increase from month 1 to month 2? 0.76%
c) What will month 7 sales be if they are 5% higher than month 6? i need help on this
d) How much higher in (pounds) are month 4 sales than month 2? again i need help



  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    c) The long way.... £472,298 x 5% = £23,614.90 therefore month 7 will be £472,298 + £23,614.90 = £495,912.90
    or a more direct method £472,298 x 1.05 = £495,912.90

    d) If month 4 sales = £465,837 and month 2 sales = £459,578 the difference is £465,837 - £459,578 = £6,259 i.e Month 4 sales is higher than month 2 sales by £6,259
  • PmcintoshPmcintosh Registered Posts: 3
    I managed to work it out in the end, and also passed the exam last Tuesday. However, thank you Nat for taking the time out to respond.
  • shannonr1990shannonr1990 Registered Posts: 36
    Is your answer to a) a typo? because I made it 13,77,292 and not 137,7592? just checking if i am wrong please let me know.
  • GouravGourav Registered Posts: 1
    Hello there,

    I'm a new candidate recently joined this group.

    I've a query with WKAF unit Aat sample assessment 1, with task no. 8.

    Could any one resolve with the relevant task, how we come to the actual answer?

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