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1 whole day vs 2 evenings per week college study?

Hi, I'm about to enrol onto the AAT level 2 course at college part-time, but I have two options for attendance, either; 1 whole day per week 9:30am-4:30pm or 2 evening classes per week 6pm-9pm and I'm unsure which would be better?

I'm unemployed so I have no issue with either times. Would studying AAT for a whole 6 hours in the day (hour break) be easier in regards to retaining knowledge? Or would the 3 hour evening classes make the course more manageable? The past year I had attended GCSE Maths and English classes in the evening (6-9) and thought in a way it was good that the classes were only 3 hours at a time, but some days I'd wonder if studying during the day my brain would be more switched on?

Just after some opinions on which time i should choose?



  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    When I did level 2 as an evening course it was only once a week and that seemed enough, but it was over the period from September to June the following year. This meant those doing the day class were doing exams a lot earlier than the evening class. Doesn't seem that way at your college.

    Last year I did level 3 again as an evening course. They had dropped the second so it was also only once a week. Even with the reduced hours about half the class failed to turn up regularly, and of those who did not for the full 3 hours. I thought this was appalling because it just added to the low effort into both teaching and studying, and unsurprisingly almost all the class had to resit at least one topic, some more than half the course.

    So I would hope the daytime students were a bit more committed. But really up to you as most of the reading and learning course work is in your time. Some tutors will add a lot to what is covered in whatever books are used and some pretty much follow it to the letter so are there just to help you when you get stuck.
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