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Hi. I have a problem with my homework. Can anyone help me, please?


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    Hi agnieszkag,

    Please can you let me have the details of the question which you are stuck on and I will see if I can help.
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    I need to place the following ledger accounts under the correct heading?
    sales, motor vehicle, wages, capital, customer (receivable), purchases, drawings, cash, sales return, purchases returns, bank(overdrawn) , supplier (payable) , fixtures and fittings, stationery

    And I have ALICE table.
    I placed:
    Assets: sales,customer receivable), motor van, cash and stationery.
    Liabilities: supplier (payable), bank(overdrawn), purchases return
    Income: sale returns
    Capital: capital
    Expenses: purchases, wages , drawings, fixtures & fittings.
    Could anyone help me?
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    Stationery is an expense, same as wages and purchases. Although I can see why you might think it is an asset (especially if you have a store-room full of the stuff), in 99% of cases it's useful life is less than a year and it should therefore be recognised as an expense.

    Purchases returns should go under expenses - they go against purchases (if you have bought 10 items then returned 2, you only want to show the cost of 8 as an expense).

    Drawings go under capital - they are the owner taking money out of the business rather than a business expense.

    Fixtures and fittings are an asset - like a motor vehicle, they have a useful economic life greater than a year.

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    Thank you :)
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