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CPAG Sage One Kaplan Question - Computerised Accounting AQ2013

ThomasDThomasD Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 19
Hi All,

I had my CPAG Computerised Accounting (AQ2013) exam today with Kaplan in London and I have a question which I'd very much appreciate feedback on.

I purchased a subscription to Sage One to study for this exam after finding out (2 weeks prior to my exam ) that Kaplan were using Sage One. I am a distance learner and book my exams only with Kaplan so I phoned them to ask which version of Sage they were using for the exam.

My Osborne textbook is based on Sage 50 Accounts.

My question is; how do you save a backup file as described in the exam using Sage One?

I searched high and low online prior to the exam and could not find an answer to the question. I found out that Sage One backs itself up in the cloud and can be restored to earlier versions. It seems that it can only be backed up offline using third party applications. As such I went in thinking that they'd explain how this is to be done when I was in the exam but it was not mentioned. Uh oh... :)

Is there a way to backup Sage One to an external drive and upload as requested in the exam? If not, shouldn't this be explained by prior to the exam if it will be based on Sage One? Maybe I am missing something.

I'm fairly sure that I have failed the exam but not only due to the issue explained above. I was unable to configure the audit trail report such that it also contained bank reconciliation information. Instead I exported a normal detailed audit trail report and an unreconciled transactions report along with a note explaining this. Technically I believe that I provided the necessary information but in a different format although I've since discovered that the audit trail report can be configured to include reconciliation information through the use of a sub menu in Sage One.

Thanks for reading and any feedback would be very much appreciated.


  • JoshJ1992JoshJ1992 Registered Posts: 75
    Hi ThomasD,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your exam. Its worth knowing that for the AQ2013 syllabus, training providers mark the CPAG exam, as it is classed as a CBP. I would have thought that the assessor would be aware of this, as they should know what software you were using.
  • dsmdsm Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info ThomasD - can I ask what Kaplan centre this was at? I have a CPAG exam booked for Dec and I am worried about things like this!!
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