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New to aat level 5

So a few weeks ago I started the distance learning aat level 5 foundation certificate in accounting, I do find it hard. I haven't had previous experience in this and was a nurse before. After having my kids , who are still young I decided to change career. I just wondered if it's normal to find it a bit hard with all the concepts etc, calculations I am not too bad with. I'm wondering if I'm being too hard on myself and stressing out about getting through it quickly and doing the exams. I just want to really do this and not fail anything. I'm sure anyone with a family can understand how hard it is to study but I do get the time or will read bits here and there when I can. Just got myself worked up and stressed that I'm not smart enough :( or it this a normal feeling at the start of it all. Doing processing bookkeeping transactions first.
Hope for some responses :)


  • stevefstevef Well-Known CarmarthenRegistered Posts: 258
    Hi Stacey, what you are going through is normal.

    You are being given bits of a jigsaw puzzle to sort out when you do not know what the whole picture looks like. When you have enough pieces you will be able to see the whole picture and things will start dropping into place.

    Just keep persevering, don't be too hard on yourself, believe in your own ability and at some stage it will all make sense. Good luck.
  • SuzieQ1601SuzieQ1601 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Stacey!
    I'm in very much the same boat - I started the same course but at my local college back in Sept. I have previously been in admin whilst having my 3 daughters (11, 8 & 3). We're also doing bookkeeping transactions first. Our tutor says it can be the most tricky to get your head around, especially with double entry, control accounts etc.

    We've just done lesson 4 (not sure if it is the same for you), 'accounting for credit sale and credit purchases'. It has been really hard to get my head around, but I'm getting there. And I did 2 bookkeeping courses in 2014, but I've forgotten it all, haha!

    It is tough, especially if you've been doing something totally different, but I figure that if I don't make an effort to do something I want to do, I'll end up being in an unhappy job forever, and happy mummy = happy family! Lots of luck, keep at it xx
  • staceyo12staceyo12 Registered Posts: 5
    Hey thank you so much for your replies. It's good to know that it is normal to feel this way, I'm not altogether hopeless and some bits just seem like common sense, so that's good I must have a little of that ;)
    It's also nice to hear your story suzie, I am doing open learning so therefore no classes and all on me to study. I do feel like I just can't do enough studying, would rather do too much than too little. But worry I'm falling behind because I try not to move on to the next part until I understand it for sure.
    Do you know when your first exam will be? Feels daunting that's all exams are to be done by June but I do believe or at least hope lol that it will just all fall into place and 'I will see the whole picture' :)
    Stacey xx
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