Inventory valuation question

Hi all,

I am on chapter 7 of the first module of level 3, `accounts preparation`. This is about inventory valuation. Although I get how to do each method (FIFO etc), I seem to be slow to write it out and calculate it and have resorted to using the printable stock record cards. But I could have sworn I found a quicker method for writing it out by hand for the exam. I don`t think we would have these record cards for the exam anyway, I thought it was just note paper, but I am having a total blank about how I did this when I did it at level 2, but I am sure I didn`t have to write out a whole stock record card table.

Not sure if I am making sense but if anyone knows a quick method to do this I would be glad to hear from you! Or, if not, can you let me know how you do it in an exam situation?

Many thanks,


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