Cash book posting to GL problems

Hello, can anyone help me with the below?

Why is SLCA a dr when doing credit sales in the GL but when posting from the cash book into the GL its suddenly a cr?

i understand that credit sales in the GL go into the SLCA and are a dr because it is money owed by debtors, which are debits. I don't understand why when it is put in the GL from the cashbook it is suddenly a cr?

help!! :(


  • MrsVMrsV Posts: 10Registered
    When you see the name of the debtor in the Cashbook it means they've paid you (cash or money In your bank account). They are reducing Or settling their debit. So you need to reduce the amount they owe you, you need to reduce your asset which will be a credit.
    Hope that makes sense.
  • jbouscjbousc Posts: 27Registered
    Thank you so much MrsV! This makes perfect sense!!! :#
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