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CPAG 2013 Sage One questions

I am working my way through the Osborne Computer Accounting Systems Tutorial book (2013 Syllabus) and there are significant differences between the software they've used to compile the book and Sage One (which I understand I will be using at my test centre). For the most part I have found workarounds (although the Sage One reports don't appear to be as detailed as those in the book, and I haven't found a way to modify them). However, there are two things I am struggling with:

- bank reconciliation doesn't work with Sage One as it does with the book - you can't remove the unreconciled transactions (timing differences) to properly match the balances for reconciliation
- how are you supposed to back up? This seems to be a key thing to prove you have learned for CPAG - and rightly so - but isn't an option with Sage One because it backs itself up into the cloud (apparently!). I have found a variety of ways to print off or download as CSV bits and pieces of info, but nothing that downloads/backs up ALL the information.

Has anyone else tackled these issues and found any answers?

Thanks in advance :-)
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