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Level 2- Assessment CR1 - Task 1 letter C excercise question

sirlillosirlillo Registered Posts: 4
Guys are you able to explain the solution of the exercise letter C or at least what it requires? I don't understand it... :/


  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    The answer is Inv 1223, Inv 1281 and CN 96.

    1) Work down the receipts.CN88 of £480 is not obvious which invoice to offset.
    2) add CN88 and bank together £1349, can see that it is payment for the bal b/f.
    Cross these 3 items off.
    3) Again we do not know which invoice(s) credit notes CN91 and CN96 should offset so need to add these to the chq £1567 not shown. These total £1709.
    4) The "9" means it has to be payment for INV1250 and INV1268 = £1599. £1709-£1599 = £110. There CN96 is still outstanding along with INV1223 and INV1281.
  • sirlillosirlillo Registered Posts: 4
    edited November 2016
    It's a bit tricky, but now I got it! Thank you very much!!
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