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WKAF task 8

Struggling with task 8 of both of the sample assessments. I can't seem to get my head round analysing the statements and picking which ones are conclusions and recommendations. Help with how to analyse these would be appreciated.


  • AminoAlexAminoAlex Registered, Tutor Posts: 17
    edited November 2016
    Hi borbasm,

    It's been a while since I have done this, but from what I can remember, the recommendations tend to have words like should/could. Whereas the conclusion are based on facts and summarises the information. Obviously there could be multiple "should" statements and you will have to eliminate the ones that don't make sense or just aren't a good recommendation.

    Once you've established the recommendations and you are ready to find the conclusions, the conclusions will be the three statements that actually are facts based on the data/information provided. It really is just a matter of breaking up the sentences into parts and scrolling up to your data - ask yourself...Does this statement that I'm reading make sense based on the data/information?

    It's such a wishy washy exam the WKAF! No wonder they are only including part of it in the synoptic in the AQ2016 standards.

    Hope that helps
  • borbasmborbasm Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you for your help. It turns out that the actual exam question was far easier for me to sort out which were the conclusions and which were the recommendations.
    You tip will be handy for anyone else struggling with this question.
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