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PBKT exam result

beeplaitbeeplait Registered Posts: 2

I've just completed my PBKT exam and the result I have received is competent, does that mean I have passed? I do understand it is only a provisional result at the moment. What concerns me is in the breakdown I have got the result of 'Exceeded' in 8 sections but in 1 section I got a 'Borderline and in 1 a 'Below requirement'? Is the breakdown just so that I know where I went wrong?

Thank you


  • MindTheGAAPMindTheGAAP Registered Posts: 17
    Yes, "Competent" means you have passed. It would say "Not yet competent" if you had failed to get the required marks.

    The breakdowns are just so you can assess your performance in each section, which would be of more use to you if you hadn't passed.
  • beeplaitbeeplait Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you so much!
  • rodingbrownrodingbrown Registered Posts: 2
    edited February 2017
    Hiya, can I ask did you do the PPD version? If you don't mind disclosing what area was you below requirement for? I just passed and have posted a similar thread to you as I exceeded all but one area which was preparing an initial Trial Balance. I was confident I'd got it right!
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