Level 2 Book keeping Module 1 past exam paper?

Hi everyone
I am distance studying Level 2, Book-keeping module 1.
My training provider told me there is no past exam papers they can give me for practice so i don't know if the exam will be in a similar setting to my practice exercises.
Does anyone know of any past papers i can use or are is my provider correct?



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    Training provider is talking nonsense. The past papers for each of the units across all levels of AAT can be found on the study and revision support section of the AAT website. https://aat.org.uk/training/study-support/search

    Select your qualification, standards and then navigate to your bookkeeping module. Finally, scroll down to the sample assessments. There are usually a couple of sample assessments and answers for each module.

    Alternatively, most of the major publishers such as Osbourne Books, Kaplan and BPP have practice assessments towards the end of textbooks. I only use Osbourne and you will find the practice assessments at the end of the "workbook" rather than the tutorial. I think Kaplan sometimes do combined text and revision books with assessments at the end.

    Good luck!
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    That's great thank you for your help!
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