AAT Level 2 computerised accounting


Im doing the sample assesment for AAT level 2 and i have to input some purchase invoices to sage. One of them is from Jackson Builders for 'repairs to building'. When inputting this purchase invoice do i input it under a nominal code for purchases or expenses (maintenance) ??



  • JoshJ1992JoshJ1992 Posts: 75Registered
    Hi rosiejanefleur,

    If the repairs were to the company premises, I would put them under expenses (maintenance). It may be worth having a look at the answers and seeing what they say.

    Hope that helps.
  • shannonr1990shannonr1990 Posts: 36Registered
    I think it is expenses because it maintenance and is something the business has to pay out for.
  • JoshJ1992JoshJ1992 Posts: 75Registered
    I agree, if it is repairs to the building, I would code the expense under expenses/maintenance.
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