Prompt Payment Discount. Please help.

With the method 1, were a credit note is issued to the customer;

If for example, the customer decides to take the discount, do they pay the full amount and then get refunded with a credit note or do they literally pay the discounted amount and then get a credit note for the record.

And I'm referring to method 1, not the method without a credit note.

Thank you.


  • AminoAlexAminoAlex Posts: 17Registered, Tutor
    Hi Paul,

    I'm under the impression that for method 1, the customer will pay the discounted amount (if they meet the requirements) and then the company will send a credit note for the customers record.

    Hope that helps,

  • PaulAndrewPaulAndrew Posts: 2Registered
    Thanks Alex.

    At least I got a reply from someone, more than a month later, I understand it now anyway.

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