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Would an MOS qual be better for job applications?

Hi and thanks for reading,

I'm applying for jobs at the moment. I've almost completed Level 2 (2 months start to finish :)) and whilst i've worked for my family business for the past 2 years doing accounts, i'm worried the fact it's the family business experience may not be taken seriously?

So i'm thinking maybe if I can't tick their 'experience' field I could tick the 'skills' and 'determination' boxes by getting an MOS qualification. They're super cheap but give a really in depth view of the Microsoft package.

I haven't been using Sage so don't have any experience there either.

I'd just like to tick every box other than experience to put me in the best possible position.

In terms of future goals i'd like to complete AAT as soon as possible and then go on to ACA. Therefore would need to apply to ICAEW registered practices. (I want to eventually work in Practice)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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