Percentage Help Please - WKAF Level 2


Can anybody explain how I would work out the following tasks please?

You are the sales accountant for the North East region and you have been given the following figures to analyse:

Newcastle: £456,853
Middlesbrough: £235,754
Whitby: £346,843
Scarborough: £461,214

What percentage of total sales does Newcastle contribute (rounded to 2 decimal places)?

What branch has made approximately 32.97% more sales than Whitby?

Thanks very much



  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgePosts: 320AAT Student
    It's Scarbororough

    I looked at it like this. Who has sales greater than Whitby? Newcastle and Scarborough.
    How much are the sales of Newcastle and Scarborough greater than Whitby?

    Divide Newcastle by Whitby = 1.3171 (assuming Whitby sales are 100% and the difference is the figure we're looking for 31.71% so not Newcastle)

    Divide Scarborough by Whitby = 1.3297 so 32.97% greater
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