MIP Aplication

Hi there..

I am looking to register for MIP status and later down the line as a Licensed Accountant.
I have previously worked in practice and moved over to industry approx. 18-24 months ago, as practice firms didn't want employees to gain MIP status (possibility of stealing their clients).

I have worked in practice firms for approx. 6-7 years and believe I've gained enough experience setting up my own business.

I am completing the following application https://aat.org.uk/sites/default/files/assets/MIP_application_form.pdf
along with https://aat.org.uk/sites/default/files/assets/MIP-services-form-for-new-application.pdf

With the MIP application form under the Practice management section do I write all my experience I have been involved in? e.g a run down of my CV?
I was in charge of the client engagement and disengagement procedures but that's about it.. Accountancy Assistants were not involved in much of the client monies, dealing with client complaints and managing compliance with legal and regulatory obligations etc.. Could you give any other ideas as to what else I can write?

As for the 'Services I wish to offer' under the Your services section it states 'Work experience gained
in past 12 months'. Now I haven't had any experience in the last 12 months - I'd say maybe last 18-24 months can I state that?

Under the Your Work Experience & CPD ‘CPD in the last 12 months’ I have written for most, if not all, that I have been ‘researching for updates using online resources, such as the AAT website, AAT Webinars, HMRC website.’
Is this sufficient?

As for the ‘CPD for the next 12 months’
I have written I will be keeping up to date with any legislation changes and look to attend AAT webinars and courses.

Any info would be very helpful..