AQ2016 Exam practise-

Hi All,
I have recently started this level (self study) and was wondering if there anything out there to help with the exam practise for this new syllabus? I am too late for the Jan exams now (and tbh totally not ready to sit any yet), I have done all the mocks for AQ2013 i can find on this website, and have all the Osborne books with the activities which are helpful, but looking for more exams which will be like the real AQ2016.
Am i better to wait a few months when hopefully AAT will release these papers? OR is there some already out there, which I have over looked?

any comments and tips would be so helpful!!
thanks in advance.


  • JoshJ1992JoshJ1992 Posts: 75Registered
    Hi Shannonr1990,

    Do you see an option for the Accountancy Qualification AQ2016 when to navigate to the study support search section of MyAAT? If not, whoever you are self-studying with will need to add you to the relevant syllabus their end so that you can take the exams which will give you the option to access the AQ2016 resources.
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