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PBKT result

rodingbrownrodingbrown Registered Posts: 2
I've taken The PBKT exam and glad to say I passed. However I got the breakdown which showed 9 tasks as exceeded and 1 significantly below in preparing an initial Trial Balance. I got my TB to balance without an issue and can't understand the result. I accept we all make mistakes under pressure but I can't believe I got so many debits and credits the wrong way round, and got it to balance as it's quite straight forward using the DEAD CLIC principles if you know what is classified as what. I got it correct in my practice mocks, so I'm concerned there's a marking or technical issue, especially as it's just been revised to the PPD version. Anyone else had anything like this? I know I've passed but it's bugging me as I was confident I was correct particularly on that task. Can you appeal or find out even if you've passed? My tutor said I should perhaps just put it down to one of those things, but I just doesn't sit right to me...any thoughts?
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