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Foundation Synoptic

I've created this post mainly for self studiers (I am one), as I completed my Final Synoptic today and whilst preparing had found it very difficult to get information on the exam itself. There are sample CBTs in MyAAT, but having done the exam I have found these to not be very applicable. This post is based on my experience solely - they may change this format.

There is information about the unit itself on the AAT website and the websites of learning providers, however this post will focus on the exam itself.

There is a book relating to this exam called WEFN (Work Effectively in Finance), and there is information in there you need to know. I browsed this book as I found that most of it was purely common sense/ things I had done in more detail in previous units. However, I found a quick read was more than enough (please don't take this as advice - just how I found the unit content to be).

The format of the exam is very similar to the other exams except UACS. There are 7 questions, all a little longer than you will be used to from previous exams. The questions vary on content, but all come from the units previously learnt (BKTR, BKCT, ELCO + WEFN). This exam is 2 hours long (the synoptics in the next levels are 3 hours long).

The order may change for your exam, but for mine the first 6 were computer marked questions, with the last question asking you to write up a report. This is what threw me a bit as I hadn't seen this in any of the sample CBTs on the AAT website.

I couldn't find anywhere whether this exam was human marked or computer marked (and my exam centre didn't know either!), but once I'd done the exam I found out it is both, and therefore results could be expected in 4 - 6 weeks.

I hope this post helps, as I found I was completely in the dark and was most nervous about this exam. I'm sure as the AQ2016 syllabus rolls out over the coming year there will be more information supplied by learning providers and on this forum. I was unfortunately the first person to take the synoptic for this level at my exam centre - so they weren't much help either.

Good Luck!


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