Hairdresser renting a chair- employed or self employed?

Hi all,
I am currently studying payroll. Can someone please explain to me why a hairdresser who rents a chair, is classed as self-employed?
I really don't understand how they can be classed as self employed


  • mrme89mrme89 Posts: 621Banned User
    It might be because they have their own clients, choose their own hours and use their own equipment.
  • shaunpollshaunpoll Posts: 34Registered
    Thanks, but I still don't see how they are (can) be classed as self-employed. I don't think for instance, my local barber who rents a chair in a salon, can pick her own hours.
  • mrme89mrme89 Posts: 621Banned User
    Have you looked at the employment status indicator?
  • GingeraccountsGingeraccounts Posts: 7Registered
    It is a very common practice which enables salon owners to stay below the VAT threshold. There are rules that need to be followed to qualify but it is acceptable to HMRC. They have to account for their own takings and if they wish to take card payments they have to have the money going straight into their own bank account.
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