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Any recommendations on which order to study AAT Level 2 in?

Struggling to decide on a study order, any tips would be useful! Many thanks.


  • BelleClementBelleClement Registered Posts: 1
    Hello, I am in the same boat. I have started looking into it all and needing a bit more guidance. I have contacted a Curriculum Leader and just waiting on some kind of response. I'll let you know if I hear of anything.
  • SirPrizeSirPrize Registered Posts: 14
    I would recommend studying Processing bookkeeping transactions (PBKT) and Control Accounts, Journals and the Banking Systems (CJBS) first as the provide the foundation of what's to come.

    After that, it doesn't matter too much, but if you were to start with something like Basic Costing, it'll be too confusing and you'll probably end up thinking that AAT is not for you.

    However, the units I have recommended you are for the AQ2013 syllabus, which will more than likely have different names on the AQ2016 one.

    All the best.
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