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Training providers that do marking


I've been looking around for training providers that do marking for individual units as I am a self-studier.
So far, I've found Kaplan to be the only ones that do. However, they want me to sign-up to the individual unit and then pay the assessment fee and marking fee on top of that too.

Is this correct, and does anyone know any other training providers that offer marking for self-studying students?

Many thanks!


  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191

    There are many assessment centres that allow external candidates to sit their exams without having to book a course through them first. Kaplan offers this and you shouldn't need to sign up to study the individual unit either through classroom or distance learning. Maybe there was a misunderstanding or you called the wrong Kaplan centre?


    Enter your postcode on the above link to find centres local to you. Click into the centre for further information i.e fees and contact details.


    I have the link for Kaplan's exam booking and it doesn't require you to have studied the unit with them. I strongly advise against booking directly from them immediately as you need to do further research to ensure you fully understand what is required of you.

    Once you have chosen your centre you will have to inform AAT.

    You have to be registered as a student member with AAT before you can take any exams - the centres will ask for your student ref.

  • SirPrizeSirPrize Registered Posts: 14
    Thanks for getting back N4T. I should have been a bit more specific and said it is for the computerised accounting unit for Level 2 AQ2013.

    I have been taking assessments at my local venue, but the time has come that I need to get this unit in the bag but I have been pulling my hair out about this whole marking thing which needs to be done through a training provider.

    Any advice?

  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    If you have tried other local venues already and they have told you it's not possible apart from Kaplan I would call up Kaplan again and you may speak to someone else who will give you a different response. Not all customer service are knowledgeable about their products.

    All it needs is a "human" marker so I'm puzzled why other centres turned you away. The centre you have used up to now - does it offer classroom or distance learning courses? There should be markers available.

    Going to the Kaplan link I was able to pick CPAG and a message pops up to warn you of an additional marking fee - £50 extra - "if you are not currently studying the selected paper with Kaplan Financial". This indicates Kaplan accepts external candidates for this unit.

    When I went through the checkout stage and entered my email address and password (I have an existing account with Kaplan) it recognised that I haven't purchased a CPAG course with them and the £50 was added - total £123. The only thing I can think of is the Kaplan Centre in your region does not offer this option.

    Kaplan uses SageOne.

    Go to the Kaplan link and see if you can see your region (the website was slow to respond so give it time). Try different months if the first selection comes up blank.

    Before booking online I would call Kaplan again. If they are still trying to sell you the course you are now in the position to challenge them.

    Good luck.
  • ncraggsncraggs Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 70

    If you were to buy First Intuition's self study package for this unit for £35, we would mark it for you for £20.

    We don't offer just the marking for £20 on it's own though

    Good luck

    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition www.fi.co.uk
  • SirPrizeSirPrize Registered Posts: 14
    Thanks, Nick. How would I go about signing up to that unit because It's coming up as something like £175 or £230 for that unit when looking on the site.

    N4T, I appreciate you having a little look into Kaplan for me. If I can't find it for the £55 that Nick has told me about, I'll get back onto Kaplan because I thought £400 was a bit too much (£250 unit + £70 assessment + £70 marking). Like you said, all I need is it marked by someone.
  • ncraggsncraggs Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 70
    This is our self study course on our website (link is below), then you can pay for marking when you need it.
    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition www.fi.co.uk
  • rothersrothers Registered Posts: 9

    If I do as you suggested above and pay for the self study course where would I be able to sit the cbt? I've looked online but it only seems to offer me London or Cambridge. Could I not take them in Leeds or Manchester?


  • SirPrizeSirPrize Registered Posts: 14
    Thanks for all the help guys. I've managed to find a training provider to do the assessment.
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