HMRC’s Agent Toolkits (Toolkits)

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HMRC’s Agent Toolkits (Toolkits)

AAT is working with HMRC in assessing the role of the Toolkits and the assistance they can provide to you.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Toolkits they can be found here.

Please provide feedback on:

1) Do the Toolkits currently meet your need?
2) Do you feel the Toolkits could be improved? If so, how?
3) Which areas of the Toolkits currently work well?
4) Any other comments regarding the Toolkits?
5) Are you an AAT licensed member using the Toolkits to assist your clients in complying with their tax obligations?
6) Are you an AAT member that is using the Toolkit to assist your employer in complying with their tax obligations?

Please leave your comments below or, if you prefer, please email your comments to Aleem Islan at AAT [email protected] by close of business on 17 April 2017.


  • PASPAS Posts: 1Registered
    I am an employed AAT licensed member with a few clients. Although, I have not brought the Toolkits into service so far, I realize its practicality. Comprehensive guidance combined with a checklist, serve its purpose. Details requiring additional attention/review can be noted in comment boxes.
    It is valuable reference source so it will assist me in completing relevant returns.
    Aleem Islan
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