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Kaplan Exams

Bethk92Bethk92 Registered Posts: 4
Can Anyone help?! I am studying with Kaplan and have my CJBS Level 2 exam on Thursday. For some reason every time I try to get onto the Kaplan website to do practice assessments the website crashes and it won't let me access the mock exams. I have done the two available on here and I am desperate for more practice but cannot get onto the stupid Kaplan website. Can anyone recommend anywhere that has mock exams for this or does anyone know why the Kaplan website won't let me use it?


  • JohnKCCJohnKCC Registered, Tutor Posts: 12
    The Kaplan website, can be tricky at times, it works best for me when I use it the browser Chrome, it doesn't work at all if I use Safari on the mac
  • Bethk92Bethk92 Registered Posts: 4
    I thought that might be the case so have put it on Chrome on my Mac and on chrome on a windows laptop and neither have worked. Safe to say panic and frustration are setting in very quickly!
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