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Bank Rec Screen Shots

Hi everyone!

I've got my SAGE exam on Tuesday. Feeling ready, but I have one issue

In all the practice exams, it asks you to take a screenshot of the bank Rec Screen and save this as evidence. I am able to do this, but do to the number of items reconciled it is often impossible to see the full list of items I have reconciled in the bottom box. As the difference will always be zero, it should be clear to an examiner that I have reconciled fully. However, in the Osborne book answers the screenshot screen always shows the bottom box expanded so you can see all the items reconciled.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to expand the bottom box on SAGE to display all the reconciled transactions? Hopefully it's not a dealbreaker, as the audit trail/activity reports should make it clear as well.

Hope this makes sense and someone can help :)
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