Synoptic L3 - What's the problem?

Hi all,

I have been reading the posts about L3 synoptic over the last few months and I am booked in for mine in a couple of weeks time.

My question is what has made this exam such a problematic experience for so many, is it just the computer problems or have people not been scratching up enough on previous topics in L3?

Are people coping well with part A and then falling short on part B or visa versa?

Any feedback appreciated!


  • Mit_99
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    Hi Sam97, I found that the Part A in the assessment was just about going over the previous assessments, if you are up to scratch with them then Part A will be a breeze. Part B is just practicing your MS Excel skills and making sure your solid with it all. I felt that I struggled with Part B and trying to remember the steps, the assessment itself isn't problematic but the fact that it's new and recently been introduced makes it a daunting experience for some. Otherwise I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Good Luck :D
  • JoJoMis
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    I've been reading up on those posts as well and feeling a bit nervous. I'm no expert on Excel but I do feel like I have no problems with following instructions, so I'm hoping it won't be that difficult of a task. Just keep telling yourself that just 'cause others have struggled doesn't mean you will.
    Also I am hoping that the ones who come to this forum to talk about their experience are usually the ones who found it difficult. If you feel you did great you don't really look for answers.
  • Mandyh
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    I am sure that now all the problems have been highlighted, the college tutors are aware that Excel needs to be taught as you go along through this course, for the sake of the people who dont use it that much at work. Ours has recognised that with the big changes in the syllabus it would be useful to use excel throughout whilst learning and practising the modules. It was like another exam in itself what with having to recap all the other units as well
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