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Hi there!
I'm after some advice;

I'm in my 20s, have no degree and am in full time work.

I'm looking for a career change and have always been interested in accounting.

There is an AAT level 2 course starting soon, ran by a company called Kaplan. Can anyone advise me weather this is a worthwhile course to begin my journey?

Could I get a foot in the door at an accountants with a level two AAT? I'll be self-funding the course so I just need to know that it'll be worthwhile and could lead to something.

I'm currently in retail. Would spending a bit of time in the wages department and learning a payroll system be beneficial?

Also, I've looked at a few vacancies and keep seeing SAGE popping up. I've found some cheap online courses in SAGE. Again, would it be worth investing in an online SAGE course?

Thanks in advance.


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    I was exactly in your shoes 2 years ago.

    I did a level 2/3 AAT fast track course at my local college. I then managed to get a job at a accountancy practice after level 3. I am on my last exam for level 4 now and looking to start my chartered accountancy training in the new year.

    I would always start with level 2 as it gives you all the basics you need in accountancy, it also doesn't take too long to complete.

    Finding a job will be difficult (but not impossible) as everywhere is looking for experience.
    If you can get into payroll or cash office that would be beneficial. Also, look into volunteering at an accountancy practice or accounts department.

    AAT Networking events are also a good way of getting connections.

    You will learn a bit of Sage in level 2 so i wouldn't worry about doing it yet. You may go into a place that doesn't use Sage as there are other accountancy software companies out there.
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