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CPAG Exam Reporting - Advice Please

Hi everyone. I've got my final exam on Monday and this is the dreaded CPAG one. Unfortunately, I am on the AQ2013 syllabus and all Kaplan centers aren't letting AQ2013 students take exams at their centers as of September this year so I am having to do my exam at an external center. This center only has Sage 50 and so I have been revising and practicing for weeks using Sage 50, however I'm really stumped on the reporting side of things. Task 12 says to save a PDF report for customer activity, Sales Day Book, Sales Returns Day Book, Purchases Day Book etc etc. But Sage 50 doesn't have this function. The reports they have are "Day Books: Customer Invoicing (Detailed/Summary). I have taken a look at this report and it gives most of the information I've seen Sage One churn out in the practice assessments, but the Sage 50 report doesn't list the customer/supplier name, only their account reference. Can anyone advise me on what report to use in Sage 50 to tackle task 12 please? I'm pulling my hair out with this one. Many thanks in advance. L


  • mcchocmcchoc East YorkshireRegistered, Tutor Posts: 53
    When you produce any report on debtors or creditors, ensure that you highlight all of them. Then pick the most detailed report you can find that includes all the information required (and even a whole lot more).
    And don't forget to upload a detailed Audit Trail - that's the main document assessors use.
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