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I completed AAT level 3 in 2015. I didn't keep up registration or cpd. I'm still self employed with own civil engineering business but ideally would like to go into accountancy firm. What do employers like to see?


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    Are you 100% sure you want to go into an accountancy firm or would you be interested in industry too.
    Having a civil engineering background could help you getting into an accounts role with a building/engineering company?

    Experinece is what most job postings are looking for so just completing more qualifications isnt going to land you a role on its own.

    You could start ACCA, CIMA, ACA(ICAEW) or carry on with AAT level 4.
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    To be honest, if you did not continue with any CPD or registration after completing AAT level 3, I would suggest not jumping straight into a chartered course - they're a LOT harder, from all that I've heard at my own office and online. :)

    Instead, I would suggest returning to AAT, either continuing on with level 4 and then moving to start a chartered course after that, or perhaps even taking a refresher of sorts by re-doing level 3, then level 4 (particularly since the AAT syllabus has been completely revamped this year).
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    Personally I would recommend jumping straight into chartered. Why waste your time with AAT? If there is something in particular about AAT that you want to learn just buy the book and read it on the bus/train/before bed/on the toilet. I believe you can apply for AAT membership once you have done F1 - F7 at ACCA anyway. It will probably take around 2 - 3 years to get through F1 - F7. However, in the same time period, if you do AAT you will only get exemptions from F1-F3 for ACCA.
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