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AAT Interactive assessments not working?

skayy90skayy90 Registered Posts: 2
Is anyone else having a problem opening up the sample assessments? The AAT-Interactive website just doesn't work, does anyone know if the server is down or if AAT have reported any problems? Thanks!


  • Sammy_BecsSammy_Becs Registered Posts: 5
    I cant get on either... I have an exam tomorrow as was hoping to do the online ones!
  • skayy90skayy90 Registered Posts: 2
    They are back up now!
  • BruMatMedBruMatMed BristolRegistered Posts: 2
    I wondered if anyone had any practice L2 questions? - I will probably regret this question but I want to get an idea of what I am letting myself in for.
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