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Online mock

Does anybody else wonder how to answer task 2 in the mock exams on the AAT website? When I read the answers I do not understand how you could have written that answer from the information that was given in the question! Or the question is far too ambiguous. Or I totally misunderstand the question!


  • will84will84 Registered Posts: 2
    I'm afraid I that is the nature of this unit that is causing the upset and endless complaints, it is very difficult to work out how they ended up with such strict answer criteria from the vague questions given.

    Take sample assessment 2, question 6, d) - it asks you to 'identify a threat to the effectiveness of these procedures' the model answer doesn't even touch on a 'procedure', instead it refers to the customer base and purchasing habits and how they need to develop more competitive products and pricing. The scenario doesn't give any information about pricing and product development procedures to pick up on.

    i.e. if you really take time to ready that question and answer it as per the written question advice that AAT provide you'll be hunting for threats in the procedures they do talk about (setting up credit accounts, ordering processes, credit references etc) you'd never guess they really wanted to hear about competitors undercutting them. I agree that the answer is a valid threat, but the wording of the question actually pushes you away from giving that answer.

    Good luck! I'm taking mine for the second time tomorrow, as you can tell from my response I'm hugely excited to do so :)
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