Level 4 AQ16, after a long break. Where to start?

Hi everyone. I'm just starting my Level 4 on the AQ16 syllabus, after nearly two years from completing my Level 3 on the AQ13 syllabus. I've had a very demanding job and have had no time to pursue L4. I'm just starting a new job with realistic hours and so I'm ready to jump into studying again. Does anyone have any advice for how I can get back into it. I fear that I've forgotten quite a bit in the past two years, so I was thinking of starting off with my 2 optional units....just to get me back into the swing of studying and sitting exams. Also, can anyone advise on the estimated time to complete Level 4 through distance learning. I'm planning to book my synoptic for May 2019....does that sound achievable? Thanks in advance!
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