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Hi, I was wondering how important are grades for AAT? I recently completed Bookkeeping Level 2 and moving on to complete the rest of the units in AAT Level 2. However, because I am exempt for the first 2 units, my marks for these units are capped at 70%, which will drag the overall grade down.


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    Hi @cheesecake

    I have personally never aimed for high grades, as I didn't had time to study each subject in detail, therefore I was satisfied with "pass" criteria. On some subjects I used to get 90%/80% but tbh 90% or 70% it meant the same thing to me. AAT will not care what grade you get as far as you pass it, it is your personal choice if you want to re-take and improve this. Thinking about employers, I have went to multiple interviews and I've never been asked what grade did I got in my L4 :) Current employer didn't even needed my certificate, I said I passed Level 4 and they said ok and that's the end of it :) If you thinking of going to ACCA/CIMA, the grade doesn't affect this either, someone who passed L4 with 70% will have same exemptions as person who passed with 90+%.
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