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Corporation Tax Refund needed for a dissolved company

rickilausrickilaus Registered Posts: 1
Hi all,
I live in Australia, but for a couple of years, I had a dormant company open in the UK. I was recently asked to pay a tax return to the UK Gov which I eventually did several days ago after trying to dispute paying as the company was dormant.
After paying it, I received a letter saying don't worry about paying - we will zero the account. Now I am struggling to find out how I can get that money refunded to me as it was a total waste to pay and they have since dissolved my company.
Any accountants here who can give some advice?


  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 174
    Are you sure this was a genuine request and not some kind of scam? there have been quite a few of these going around lately pretending to be HMRC, although it would be strange to receive a letter from them after payment.

    If dormant and no CT was due why did you pay it?
    Now the Company has been dissolved I would think that the only way to recover the money would be to have it restored, whether that is worth all the hassle would depend on you.
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