A few questions on sitting L2 as an external candidate

I want to sit AAT Foundation Certificate as an external candidate, maybe in about 6 months to a years time. I haven't signed up yet. I am confused by a few things though.

First...when I search for external candidate centres on the AAT website, in the descriptions of each center, it says what software they are using for the UACS exam. So for example, Sage 50. But that's the thing. What is 'Sage 50'? Because there's 3 different versions of Sage 50. There's 'Sage 50 cloud Essentials' for £300 a year, 'Sage 50 cloud Standard' for £780 a year and 'Sage 50 cloud professional' for £1584 a year. Which do I sign up to? Does the essentials version for £300 give me ALL the features I NEED for the UACS course?

Secondly..how does this 'Work Effectively in Finance' thing work? Is it a individual exam on it's own, or is it part of the synoptic assessment? Because I look on Kaplan and they don't mention 'Work Effectively in Finance' anywhere. But on BPP, they do mention it. It's quite confusing.

Third..can I get AAT membership without a training provider, and without needing to mess around with silly codes and phone calls?

Any help is appreciated. Thankyou.
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