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Practice assessments gone?

Hi guys

Am I losing my mind or are the practice assessments gone from AAT website? I wanted to do them today and tomorrow as my assessment is on Wednesday, but can't find them.

I can't even begin with how stress I am (this will be my third attempt, but this is another story).

They were quite important as they are slightly different to Osborne assessments and it really is import to have a go at them (trust me I sadly know).

Sorry for ranting.


  • chewyshaunchewyshaun Registered Posts: 7
    When you login to My AAT, click on the 'lifelong learning portal' link, you can then select Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment, then click 'Practice assessments'. I found that after clicking through tasks 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 you can continue through to the spreadsheet tasks and download the excel files from there.
  • beatamus55beatamus55 Registered Posts: 5
    Thank you chewyshaun, managed to find it.

    Fingers crossed :)
  • BBarrettBBarrett Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Beatamus did you pass the exam? As i am on my 3rd attempts with 2 at L2 I got BKCTL 68% and ELC 64% in early September but i have had so many domestic issues its unreal. i couldnt believe it as i worked really hard but have to go back again and do them . I got everything else its just these 2 .
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