Who is everyone's preferred learning provider?

timsmith86 Registered, AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 19 New contributor 🐸
I completed level 2 and 3 with avado, who have now stopped the service. I liked avado for the books they provided and their online learning, although the live classes were useful I rarely viewed them.

Kaplan seems to be similar but I feel too expensive for me, I haven't heard reviews of any other providers so wanted to ask the question who else is a popular learning provider?


  • Sadz
    Sadz Registered Posts: 8
    Both Kaplan and BPP.

    Kaplan for level 2
    Kaplan + BPP for level 3
    Currently using BPP text book for level 4 (they were cheaper)

    They are both about the same. In my personal opinion, BPP is more wordy. I've also heard very highly of Osborne Books but have never had the opportunity to use them.
  • LeapyUK
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    edited December 2020
    Everyone is different and I guess it depends who you start Level 2 with and you get familiar with the publishers way of setting out information.

    I've used Osborne and found them really clearly understandable and easy to follow.
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