Unit 10 SPEEGS please help!!

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hi speegs

Im hoping you can help me with the following:
  • What can I write about for computer continguency planning? - I work in practice
  • When writing about refering problems to the appropriate person do you need to use an example of a problem thats happened before? because I dnt know of any can I make one up? :confused1:

Also are the appendices included in the wordd count?

Thank You in advance your previous replies to other members have already been a great help! :thumbup:



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    Computer contingency planning could cover for example:

    i) Taking daily back ups and storing them off site.

    ii) Maybe invest in a system that automatically backs up computer systems every day from an off site location. I think there is a system called "Double Take" that does this.

    iii) Using a payroll bureau to run the payroll should your accounting systems fail and payroll cannot be run.

    For report problems I would recommend that you keep a log of any queries that people put your way during a typical week at work, then say how you dealt with those queries or whether you referred them to a more appropriate person. These queries could be anything from, for example, a new person asking for fire drill instructions, to a colleague requesting to be shown where something is filed, or practically any question you are asked. Keep a log of queries you think would be useful for your project. This is what I did anyway.

    Appendices are NOT included in the word count so fill 'em up. I had a project that counted 4162 words but ended up being 62 page long because of all the appendices I had.

    I hope this is useful. Feel free to shout if you need anymore help.

    Speegs :)
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    thanks thats a great help
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