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ACA or ACCA???

kyle1kyle1 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 31
Having just completed my AAT pending results the practice that i work for has offered both routes to me and i am unsure as to which to choose? I hear that ACA is more regarded but they both seem to cover the same material?

Any input would be much appreciated?



  • Sonny_LSonny_L Well-Known Registered Posts: 201
    If you are fortunate enough to have that choice. ACA all day long. Despite very similar syllabus's ACA has the 'snob' factor. And don't underestimate that.

    Check Accountancyage.com and compare ACCA/ACA average salaries.
  • NimrodNimrod New Member Registered Posts: 6

    Has to be ACA.
  • kyle1kyle1 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 31
    is there any difference in the time it will take to complete as looking at the exemptions i get for my aat results it seems theres less exams for aca?
  • NtensityNtensity New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Think theres a 6 year time limit for ACA and you only have about 6 chances per paper unsure if someone can correct me on that. Defo ACA all day long though!!

    If you do Audit and tax papers then you also get more exemptions compared to ACCA...look on the fast track. You get 6 modules off the professional stage (12 units) equiv to about a years worth of work and exams as long as u take all the units from AAT required.
  • kyle1kyle1 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 31
    think this will be my last question before i make my decision and your feedback has been much appreciated. Does one limit you to a certain field like practice instead of industry etc or are they both widely excepted? Am i right in saying also that ACCA was more globaly recognised aswell??
  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Registered Posts: 197
    I have also looked at ACA. I cannot follow the fast track route and would be looking at distance learning, the way I have studied AAT however I don't seem to able to find a company that provides a distance learning option.

    Any informatiom regarding distance learning would be greatly appreciated.

  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547

    Details of the AAT fast track can be found here http://www.icaew.com/index.cfm?route=146065

    Under the new ACA, the exemptions offered to AAT are 5 papers plus you can take a top up paper for Financial Accounting instead of the full paper. Exemption from the Assurance paper is based on you having taken the AAT audit option and exemption from the Principles of Taxation paper is based on you having taken BOTH tax AAT options.

    ACCA is more flexible in terms of study/training - you dont have to work for an approved employer and the study options are more flexible. ACA students need to work for an approved employer (95% are practices/firms) and there are fewer colleges offering the courses, but the attendence pattern is very focused on study rather than fitting study around work. No distance learning/home stusy option is available for ACA.

    Hope this helps
  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Registered Posts: 197
    Thanks for the info Neil, as I suspected need to work for an approved employer if I want to do ACA. Looks like it's ACCA then if I wish to continue studying. Am finding it hard to make a decision whether to stop at AAT or continue.
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547

    Carrying on with your studies is worth it in terms of the benefits it brings. However, you do need to be comitted, im doing CIMA myself.

    The exams are hard work but ACCA has the most flexibility in terms of taking exams.

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