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Some help with Simulation Unit 31 please

mmrommro Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 21

I am stuck on task 2 part 1 of the simulation exam for Unit 31.

the 2 questions i just can't do are:

Ratios and statistics

- Manufacturing cost per ampex manufactured in the year

- Sales revenue earned per employee in the year

Is there anyone that could help me on how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance!!




  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    yeah i got stuck on this too.

    Man cot per alpex = man cost divided by ampexes produced.

    Manufacturing costs = 1000700 + 87300 (i dont no if the figures will be the same as yours but its the total of maufacturing and assembly costs

    Ampexes are 4100 so its 1873900/4100 = 457.05

    Sales rev per employee is sales/employees

    3771800/104 = 36267.31

    Hope this helps
  • mmrommro Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 21

    thank you so much.. this helped loads! yep the figures were the same..

    see ya! :lol::lol::thumbup1:

    ciao ciao

  • mmrommro Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 21
    Sorry .. again stuck!

    Hi Alice..

    Hope you are well. If you there could you please give me some help with task 6 part 1?

    How do you get the figures for other costs?

    In the suggested answers sheet is: 1,955,00 - 51,83% for 2005 and
    1,773,100 52.33% for 2004. But i can't get this figures from anywhere..

    The only thing that comes on my mind for other costs is the sum of factory overheads + other sales and administration costs.. but the figure doesn't much.

    Any help would be much appreciate!!

    Many thanks!!

  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    god i no i spent about an hour with a calculator looking for this!

    its the costs of
    • other sales and admin fees
    • over heads
    • usage of materials
    • and the last one which im sure is the one you couldnt find is opening stock minus closing stock!!! for exampl the 2004 figure for other costs would be £592700 £553500, £644100 and...
      (122600-139800) which equals -17200

      Any questions just ask
  • mmrommro Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 21
    Thank You!!

    Oh you are an angel!!!

    I spent 40minutes last night and a good half an hour today.. i just couldn't get my head around it!!! Yeah you were right the one i didn't have a clue was this opening stock minus closing stock!!!! WOW!

    thank you so much for your help!! :thumbup:

  • LaylaLayla Feels At Home Registered Posts: 40
    hey Alice,

    Ive been going through this sim today preparing for my actual sim for 31 tomorrow,

    on task 6, what do you put in the boxes with % of sales next to each years:

    gross profit,
    net profit before taxation,
    total labour and salary costs
    other costs

    ive asked people at work and they sugested that 2004 is the baseline or index year so the % in that year will be 100% for all of them but im not convinced this is right,

    please help me...

    many thanks :O)
  • RichardRichard Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 373
    You need to calculate the percentage of each in relation to the sales, so in the current year Gross Profit is 1,862,100 and Sales are 3,771,800 - therefore, GP/Sales x 100% = 49.37%.

    A tip my tutor gave me was that the percentages of Net Profit, Total labour and salary costs and Other costs should equal 100% when added together.

    The sales 'percentage of sales' for each year will be 100%.
  • LaylaLayla Feels At Home Registered Posts: 40
    Thank you :thumbup:
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