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Hey guys,

just got my exam practice back and on working out the turnover i got 10.53 where as the answer was 10.12, but i am clueless as to how they calculated this, can anyone help me? would be very appreciated?

its to do with the unit 31 part 1, via distance learning im doing if thats any help, the question was based on Eastoft Feeds Ltd ..



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    it says in the task itself that...when consolidating the transfers between the divisions are eliminated as there is no sale as such. Inter-company transfers were £0.41, that figure you have to take from Scarborough Turnover figure, and from Whitby Cost of Sales figure. Respectively Scarborough Turnover comes to £4.2 (not £4.61). Add to that Whitby Turnover £5.92 and you've got £10.12
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