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Unit 21: Working with computers

Hi there, this may well be a bit of a strange post as it is an easy topic on the course compared to other units! However, it's so easy I'm almost unsure where to start! I was curious as to how many pages, and how many words is normally adequate for this topic? In addition, how many screen prints/other working examples is typical of an appendix? I'm sorry if this seems a bit of a dull problem, but I'm just desperate to get it out there and all finished and the lack of guidance as to what is definitely required is very frustrating. Anyone who would be kind enough/willing to send a PDF of what they've done and how they've laid it out I would be very greatful with.

Thank you,


  • lorklork Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    I found this a bit of a pathetic unit and couldn't believe I had to provide evidence that I could use a computer! I understand, however, that it's a requirement of the NVQ, therefore had no choice!

    Do you have a copy of the performance criteria for this unit? I basically did screen prints for everything that I could in order to avoid doing any writing. I did one for entering a password, the software I use at work, logging in, shutting down, etc. I also got my boss to sign a piece of paper to say that I carry out visual checks each morning and always used the computer with care. Anything else that wasn't covered, I just wrote a couple of sentences.
  • davemartinidavemartini New Member Registered Posts: 5
    I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what the criteria is. So far my college tutors have advised me to write a testimonial explaining everything you do with your computer like the safety checks etc. They also gave me some work sheets to implement as examples for the appendices. I've done a two page testimonial and so far have around 5 sheets of examples. Some showing how to save a file, one showing a time series analysis, and one showing a timesheet. The others are copies of the data protection act, and VDU legislation. I just look at it and it seems so pathetic because your literally talking about how to save a file. I understand it's a mandatory unit, but where it's so basic I just wonder if I'm missing a trick. I really need to see a working example of how it should all be laid out really. Once I see I'm not going wrong anywhere, or missing anything, I'm sure I'll wrap it up quickly. I'm just determined to get the coursework side of things (need to finish Health & Safety too!) done over Xmas because I'd like to spend the second half of the yr keeping up with the accountancy side of things! So any additional help would be sooo greatful!

    Thanks again,
  • lorklork Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    I tell a lie - it was more than a couple of sentences. Wishful thinking! I've just found a Word document with a list of questions and answers that I think I handed in along with my screen prints. (It was only a few months ago but I've wiped it from memory and my tutor still has my portfolio) .If you PM me your email address, I can send it to you if you like.

    It really is as simple as it sounds, I think because it's more to do with the NVQ part than the accountancy part.
  • davemartinidavemartini New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks again, Lork. It probably is as easy as it sounds. It is most definitely from what you say: the accountancy part is the enjoyable part which has more substance to it, where the computer unit is so lightweight and seems so simple, it becomes harder to do. Oddly. Its like a mental block I guess! I'll probably end up harassing folk on here again for help with the Health & Safety one!

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