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Unit 17

LilianaLiliana Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 39
Hi there
Has anyone done the Unit 17 simulation in the past week or so?
Could you give any tips on how many questions does it have, etc?
My college doesn't give this unit so i had to study for it on my own, so basically i am freaking out...
Please help!!!


  • It has about 12 questions and it really isn't that difficult. The practice questions are far more difficult than the actual paper. The exam is really about common sense. Don’t worry about technical terms just make sure that you describe what you are saying in detail. :thumbup1:
  • LilianaLiliana Feels At Home Registered Posts: 39

    Really?? No technical terms? I was expecting at least some definitions or some ISA's... wau... i think i am more relaxed now, Thank you so much!!!
  • The only term you really need is 'materiality'.
  • LilianaLiliana Feels At Home Registered Posts: 39
    Thanks again... could i ask you when did you do the simulation? And if you know what is the main area? i.e. sales, purchases, payroll, etc?
  • Did mine 3 weeks ago.

    The main area on mine was purchases but it does vary with each exam.
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