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DFS - tomorrow!!!

princessprincess Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 80
Hi everyone
How are you feeling about tomoros exam??
I was fairly confident up until now.... i have brain freeze and nothing will stick!!
I can normally quickly do the journals, income statment, balance sheet, consolidated balance sheet/income statment and the cash flow and recon, but i can not write about what i have calculated!
I am now stressing big time and i am worried so much!!
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    take a walk and clear your head.

    have a chill and then have another look at it.

    Good luck

  • mi|kshakemi|kshake Feels At Home Registered Posts: 70
    I'm feeling the same - hard to get the theory into my head. And when it comes to the practical questions I tend to make a few little mistakes, which will all add up. And unsure if I remember the cash flow layout yet - eek!

    Hope they end up lowering the pass rate for this one!

  • sulapopsulapop New Member Registered Posts: 5

    I have been revising non stop for 4 days, now have put my books away (unitl resit in dec ha ha), having a relaxing afternoon/evening cos what i do not remember now is too late.

    Good luck for tom and yes i hope they lower that pass rate!
  • clazaridisclazaridis Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    Well I have the I'm not bothered attitude going on right now! I can always resit, after all there's more to life than this! This attitude is keeping me calm ahead of failing tomorrow!! lol! :laugh:
  • jorja1986jorja1986 Well-Known Registered Posts: 210
    If it is your last exam buy yourself a nice treat and scoff (drink) the lot :laugh:

    All you need to do is stay cool and calm, panicking though is my worst problem - I can do all the statements but put me in a situation like an exam well i might as well be a turnip for all the use that i am :blushing:

    As for the writing bullet point why each ratio is calculated and then whether that is good or bad and why. Eg High expenses low turnover - stop spending so damn much! :thumbup:
  • clazaridisclazaridis Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    I will definately be having a drink on Thursday night once i've finished PCR, my trouble is i like to take time reading things and reading them again and again then before you know it i hear 5 minutes remaining from the front of the room!! That's what happened in PCR hence why i'm retaking it!!! Ah well if i don't get my hopes up i don't come away in August upset by the results!! :laugh:
  • mi|kshakemi|kshake Feels At Home Registered Posts: 70
    Ugh - still got my project to finish up and CMCC skills test to do once I finish this exam. And I never pass those skills tests first time! I was so glad there weren't any for the other tech level exams. And with my luck it still won't be over cause when I finish those I'll find I'll have to resit DFS..grrrr.

  • princessprincess Feels At Home Registered Posts: 80
    Thanks for your words of wisdom!! Yeah its my last tech exam...everything thing else done. Did pev first time on monday (prob 2nd time dec!!), and this is my 1st time on dfs so hopefully something might stick!!
    I will be having a huge glass of wine by 1pm tomoro!!!
  • CathGCathG Well-Known Registered Posts: 145
    princess wrote: »
    I will be having a huge glass of wine by 1pm tomoro!!!

    Glass? A bottle for me! :lol::lol:
  • lala2009lala2009 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 95
    CathG wrote: »
    Glass? A bottle for me! :lol::lol:

  • jimmyt1988jimmyt1988 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 23
    I can do all practical questions and calculations, just write a load of blab for the reports etc, at the end of the day, thats what the answers look like lol. As someone said earlier, stay calm, and just churn out what you can. There is NO chance of remembering them IAS rules, i gave in very quickly. I'll rely on the rest of the paper and have a stab at them.

    Good luck all

  • lewpylewlewpylew Well-Known Registered Posts: 216
    Good luck everyone! I am doing Technician over 2 years due to a busy lifestyle so I have this to dread this time next year!! x
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