MAC J09 Sandy's answer

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Please can you use this thread to feed back any questions, observations of my errors etc
I had a few questions particularly in section 2
But here is my answer to MAC J09
If you put
MAC J09 Sandy's answer
as the subject and email me, you should get it attached to an auto reply email

I look forward to your feedback

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    hiya sandy? still not received your answers to the PEV and PCR papers 09 !!!


  • LondinaLondina Experienced Mentor Posts: 814MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Hi Sandy, many thanks for the answer!

    By the way, I was at your revision day in London! can I ask you how did you find this paper?
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    You only get the auto reply if you correctly enter the subject on your email
    replies here or pms don't activate it.

    For ECR, PCR, MAC or PEV the following subject headings are needed; you will need to send your email with the correct subject heading to my email address and wait until the out of office reply has come through, then you'll get an email with the answer attached. (If you make an error in the subject, it might mean no answers are sent) One error some people make is to use a O rather than a 0 in the 09.

    Sandy's Answer ECR J09
    PEV J09 Sandy's answer
    PCR June 09 Sandy's answer
    MAC J09 Sandy's answer
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    I am hoping for help from students.
    I have found the MAC section 2 tricky to follow. It might be me, I've been flat out for sometime and may have misread/misunderstood some aspects.
    I think that there is an error in 2.1:
    To produce information for November from data for May.
    This doesn't affect the calculations.

    2.2 was more of an issue
    The annual sales in the budget to May 2009 were 45,000 units of LapX
    and yet the production of LapX in May alone was 51,000

    So when I looked for a production capacity constraint, there wasn't one;
    • average monthly sales for 2008/9 were 45,000/12
    • Sir Ralph Flint's credidibility will add 5,000 sales per month
    • and the Orange deal will take 10,000 per month
    • All of them added together are well below the 60,000 maximum production

    It is mainly because of this that I have asked for help and feedback here.

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  • KanatkinsKanatkins New Member Posts: 11Registered
    Mac j09

    Hi Sandy

    Have just read through you answers - and have to say, we must be on the same wave length for secion 2.2. :thumbup:

    Although I can't remember how I answered 2.2d - if I remember rightly I was in panic mode!

    But as far as question 2.2b and c go - are you sure you didn't copy from my paper? was not happy at all with this part of the paper as I thought I obvioulsy wasn't registering some important bit of info!

    Now I'm looking forward to results day :001_smile:
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    Thanks for your reply
    It seems spookily quiet from other students (and tutors)
    Even the more opinionated forumites are very very quiet
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  • LondinaLondina Experienced Mentor Posts: 814MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    In my opinion this paper was very hard, section 2 was a nightmare, definately I failed :crying:
  • LittleChinaDollLittleChinaDoll Settling In Nicely Posts: 29Registered
    Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for your answers.
    Overhaul, I thought paper was quite tricky.
    There was definitely not enough time for me, english is not my first language, and it takes time for me to absorb the information. After completing Intermediate Stage, I was expecting clear and straight forward papers for Technician Level.
    I must say Section 2 of this exam was particularly strange, I still have some difficulty understanding it.
    Apologies for not giving you a valuable feedback. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this paper.
    Thank you again,
    Little China Doll
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    I presented my ideas on the MAC paper (and ECR PEV and PCR) at the AAT Regional Network meeting today. This is a group make up of lecturers external examiners and representatives of the AAT. My views are that the errors on the paper could have been spotted had the proof reading been more thorough.
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