Fail :(

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Exam was fine, but i have not yet managed to to hand my units 21, 22 and 23..... My tutor says i have to write a report on each unit and just make sure i cover everything and to write in third person :( i handed unit 22 (health and safety) in and she has sent it me back saying its not good enough. I am doing distance learning and she is just not explaining things clearly. She has now told me i wont get my results in august as she will not have time to mark these to send off with units 1 - 4 :( she has also said i cannot start intermediate unless these are sent off to AAT by september... But then said she can't promise that she will have time to mark them by then :( :( :(

Im confused and quite upset that she has said this. Does this mean i will need to redo all of foundation ???

Sorry its a bit long winded but just really confused.

If any one has any examples of what i should be doing for these 3 units i would be very grateful :)


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    If Units 21, 22 and 23 are the health and safety, working with computers etc units then it was my understanding that you can complete health and safety and working with computers in intermediate? (perhaps someone else can confirm)
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    yes it says in the student record that you can do at any level... i have not actually mentioned this to her but she has said i will not be able to start intermediate until they are done :(

    I shall email her and see :)

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    You wont need to redo Foundation as your skills tests and exams get "banked" as and when you pass them. However, if you want to get your Foundation/NVQ2 certificate you will need to complete all of the units you mentioned. If they form part of Intermediate then you can do them with your intermediate course rather than waiting around at foundation.

    There is nothing to stop you going on to Intermediate (or Technician for that matter!) as each level is open entry but Intermediate and Technician are based on the student having some prior knowledge. However some colleges wont let you start a level with them without having completed the preceeding level. But if you have completed the main units in Foundation, then Intermediate should be fine, you'll just need to find a college that will let you carry on. Who are you with at the moment.

    A tutor not being able to turn an assignment/skills test around in five weeks or less sounds like poor service.

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    don't worry dear ..

    and I hope that you don't fail .. :crying:

    I wish that I can help you .. but our tutor didn't ask for any report :confused1: .. we just did a skill test for unite 23

    good luck :thumbup1:
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