Unit 30 Exam

Darron24Darron24 Feels At HomePosts: 40Registered
Does anyone know the minimum pass limit for this exam and whether like uni there are grades or if it just a pass or fail?




  • donnas1977donnas1977 Well-Known Posts: 182Registered
    Hi Darron

    I sat this in December and you only get a pass or fail. As far as am aware AAT don't reveal the pass mark

    Good luck with your studies

  • Darron24Darron24 Feels At Home Posts: 40Registered
    ah ok thankyou
  • sammyd22sammyd22 Well-Known Posts: 207Registered
    There isnt a pass park. Its based on competency, therefore if the assessor feels you have a basic understanding of what you are doing you pass. AAT is flexible and you can make more errors than you think and still pass.

    If you get any figures wrong in the exam there is no need to worry because , providing you carry that incorrect figure all the way through you will lose a mark at first but then it will be trated as a correct figure for the rest of the exam.
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