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Can I ask what other colleges provide in the way of structured lessons?

evenhopeevenhope Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1
I have worked out that in the 2 terms I've been studying AAT Foundation on Day Release we've had just 6 days of actual lessons.

Before Xmas we had 3 (weeks) days taken up with individual feedback on the coursework (working with computers, APE and H&S). Since then we've had mocks one week then simulations the next followed by another lost day of individual feedback.

Is this normal? I was expecting to have a full day 9.30 to 16.30 every week of actual classroom teaching.

I told my tutor last week that I'm still struggling with what side to post accounts (we were told it would "click" after a few months) and her answer was that it's my fault for not doing enough self study. I HAVE been doing self study but when you don't get a concept it's difficult to practice it...


  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Registered Posts: 163
    Sounds like your college is slacking a little with your teaching.

    Apart from one days review and a training day we have worked solidly on a Monday with proper lessons and then a couple of weeks of practice Sims ready in time for the actual Sim.
  • Marky AstraMarky Astra Feels At Home Registered Posts: 45
    I would agree with Chelle that your college does sound like its slacking abit. When i was doing my foundation year i think the days were 9.30 till 3.30 with a 1 hour break in the day. The rest of the time was spent purely on studying. The studying we did was then backed up with more workbook questions from the osbourne textbooks, maybe sometimes some reading up on a subject area so we knew the basics before we tackled it the next lesson.

    I think it all depends on your teacher to be honest, they set the lessons so they can input their style of teaching. Like some teachers like to teach the foundations and expect you to build up your knowledge on that, whereas others will go through every particular detail relevant to the course in order for everyone to udnerstand
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