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HollysanHollysan Feels At HomePosts: 68Registered
I have recently incorporated one of my clients and wondered if CH automatically send the authentication codes to the registered office, or do they wait until you have registered for PROOF? Does anyone know?

Also, the registered office is my address - my decision because admin is not their strong point! They have asked the bank to open a new ltd co account for them and the bank says they cannot accept a registered office other than their trading address. I have never come across this - has anyone else?

Thanks for any thoughts...



  • groundygroundy Trusted Regular Posts: 495Registered
    I think the bank are talking nonsense. The auth code is normally sent direct, however you can request one and it will be sent to the reg office.
  • TreadStoneTreadStone Feels At Home Posts: 280AAT Licensed Accountant
    The authorisation code will go to the registered office normally within a few days of incorporation. I did one on the 14th June and I have a copy of the CH letter showing the code issued on the same day !

    It's common for many Ltd's to use the formation agent's address or a PO Box address as a registered office which obviously isn't the trading address so I'm not sure where the banks coming from on this ???
  • HollysanHollysan Feels At Home Posts: 68Registered

    Thanks Groundy, TreadStone, for your replies. It is bizarre isn't it? I can only think that the bank have got the wrong end of the stick, quite possible with this client. And three months on from incorporation they are still delaying over opening a new bank account.... and this is not unusual in my experience.

    I have not received an authentication code, so will have to request a new one.

    Thanks again,

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